Partners' First Transnational Meeting

Thursday, December 11, 2014 - 09:30
Comparing oranges with apples? The main topic addressed during the first Transnational Meeting in Verona was the planning of the research activities to be carried out in the first semester of the Project, namely a reconstruction of the relevant national economic and legal frameworks of each partner country involved.  Specifically, as regards the legal field of the research, while the very strength of the project was observed to lie in the striking differences between the national systems involved, the meeting led to the adoption of common methodological templates aimed at facilitating a comparison between the Italian, Polish and British legal contexts. Two templates were elaborated, one concerning the gender equality regulatory framework, the other focusing on the model of industrial relations.  From an economic point of view, the meeting defined the following research plan: a review of the literature on the gender pay gap in the single countries and a comparison of the results between the countries. The results of the research activities carried out during the first semester of the project can be found in the Deliverables section of the website.